>  I would like to comment on the search and requirement
> criteria. In particular, I'd like to know [...] I would love to know any of
> this far more than anything about branding.

Yes, but what would you *do* with the answers to all those questions?
You're not on the search committee, so it seems that what you want is for
the WMF to answer questions from the 36 million or so account holders, and
get 36 million comments.   That's useless to them and to us.  I think what
you really mean is that you want (1) for yourself as opposed to the
movement in general to be personally involved in the decision-making
process, probably so that you can (2) promote your pet notions about
privacy, back-doors in hardware and other opinons.  Perhaps you should try
standing for election to a community seat on the Board?

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