Dear Wikimaniacs, Wikimedians, and friends of the Wikiverse!

On behalf of the Wikimania 2019 Stockholm organising team, I am pleased to
announce two things:

- The list of accepted "Spaces".

- That the Call for Submissions is now OPEN.

Please join me in congratulating the Leaders of each of the accepted
Wikimania 2019 Spaces! As per the program design[1], Wikimania this year
has the format of "Spaces", each with its own group of "Leaders" - all of
who made a proposal to host a Space back in March. The core team has been
working with the Leaders since then to prepare an interesting, diverse, and
coherent conference. Each Space has its own topic area, and in their own
way they all of them help address the conference theme: "Stronger together:
Wikimedia, Free Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals".[2]

Each Space will have its own room for a period of time in the conference to
curate and coordinate as they see fit.[3] You can read about what each
Space is planning to achieve, and who is Leading it, at the link above. In
English-alphabetical order they are:


   Accessibility (A11y): Components and Standards

   Global Advocacy for Free Knowledge: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

   Community Growth



   Environmental sustainability

   GLAM - cultural partnerships and Wikimedia

   Growing Wikimedia’s readership worldwide



   Libraries belong in Wikimedia projects

   Multimedia knowledge




   Thriving in Safety

   Strategy for Wikimedia 2030 – The path towards our future


   Technology outreach & innovation

And of course the Poster session, which will be a plenary event.

For 2019, there is no 'central' program committee nor a single submission
form. To make a submission, visit the page of the Space which most relates
to your proposal, read its instructions for what kinds of submissions the
Leaders of that Space wish to receive. Then click the submission button.

Each Space is looking for different kinds of content or format. So it is
important that people wanting to propose a presentation/workshop/panel/etc
at Wikimania read the information that the Leaders of each Space have

Once again, the link to the list of all the accepted Spaces, each with its
own submission form, is here:

Please feel free to share/forward this email.


- Liam Wyatt (Volunteer program chair), and Eric Luth (Conference Manager,
Wikimedia Sverige)



[3] Note that the Spaces do NOT all have the same room capacity, or
duration. Thus the content of the Wikimania program is not intending to be
'evenly spread' across these topic areas.
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