niedz., 12 maj 2019 o 16:23 Galder Gonzalez Larrañaga <>

> As I am the author of the post, some remarks:
>   *   Commons is, indeed, the only [cloud] storage for file in most of the
> Wikipedias. Making an accusation of using Commons as a storage place is
> unfair and nonsense.

I think - what someone wanted to say - is that Commons is wiki with its own
community, which desire some respect as any other wikimedia communities. In
that sense - it is not cloud service which are usually maintained
automatically. It is better to think about Commons - as a wiki - not as a
cloud storage service.

  *   Communication could be better, of course, but we don't have to think
> on experienced editors and wikimedians, but on people we are trying to
> convince to upload to the Commons and find this burden. They don't know how
> to communicate and why they must do it.

That's true - therefore - when you organize any outreach or GLAM project it
is good to teach the users how to communicate on wiki - as it is a quite
strange system comparing to what typical internet user might be accustomed
to, nowadays.

  *   The upload system allow you to upload something if you are the
> author. Period.

Yes. Exactly. If you think about default upload wizard - it is possible to
upload other's works, but it is not that easy. Also - it is pretty hard to
upload public domain works.

  *   Of course, commons volunteers are few, and they have a great
> job-queue. But outreach volunteers are less, and a project like this can
> take a whole year of volunteer work.

Well - this is disputable. I don't know global proportions - but for
example for Polish part of community - there are actually 3 employees doing
outreach and around 10 volunteers - and there are 3 really active Polish
Common's admins and only one regularly active OTRS agent (me)... Out of
these 3 really active Common's admins - 2 are actually also doing outreach.
And in fact - probably the best thing would be to have in any outreach team
at least one person having good knowledge about hostile Common's habits and
how to effectively cope with them :-)

  *   After all the victim-blaming seen on this discussion no one was able
> to point to a page where the procedure was clear for everyone.

Yeah. Because there is no any single page on Commons that might solve your
problems.  This is the other issue - Common's help pages are well.. far
from being perfect.

Let's hope we can follow with this project next year and we will have less
> problems.
I hope too. This is for sure really interesting project worth any support.

Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz
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