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> The precautionary principle is labelled as an official policy of Commons.
> I think it should be mentioned on the assume good faith page as it explains
> why it is sometimes impractical to assume good faith to the extent of
> allowing  content to remain. If not mentioned, it can lead to severe
> disappointment and surprise. It should be made very clear to anyone who
> uploads that this policy may be applied, and why it is necessary. It would
> also be useful to explain what to do if it is applied where it should not
> be applied, whether from lack of evidence or for any other reason, and how
> to avoid the problem.
> It might even be advisable to state this policy clearly in the upload
> wizard. When people have been reasonably warned, they are less likely to be
> offended.

Exactly this.

Commons veterans are annoyed that uploaders don't understand all the
principles and rules of Commons.

So to be helpful, I go into Commons:AGF to add the precautionary principle.

This way, people like Galder and students will know that: "where there is
significant doubt about the freedom of a particular file, it should be

My attempt to help is then reverted. Twice. Then I get threatened that I
will be blocked if I try to help give better instructions.


Tell me then, which is it going to be?

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