You are right, Asaf. It seems that getting the sysop bit is much harder now
than it used to be in the past, possibly due to many situations of
inexperienced sysops causing havoc in Commons. OTOH, any
destructive/untrustworthy account, such as "Daphne Lantier"/INC, can easily
get the flag by being overactive in the usual tasks, and even get a motion
by some of the most established sysops of Commons toward forgiveness and
tolerance of plainly destructive behavior, for all the "good work" it also
did there.


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> On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 1:10 PM Paulo Santos Perneta <
>> wrote:
> > As a Commoner, I can tell we certainly are, James, please apply here:
> >
> >
> > Even if your sysop actions are rather occasional or seasonal, or focused
> on
> > a certain topic, like mine, all help is very much welcomed there.
> > rg/mailman/listinfo/wikimedia-l
> > <>, <mailto:
> >>
> That has not been my experience.  I recently wanted to help reduce the
> load, in my volunteer capacity, by becoming a Commons admin focused on
> undeletion requests (which ties in with my volunteer work as an OTRS agent,
> and would save me and Admins the time of filing and handling a COM:UDR
> request).  Despite my thousands of contributions to Commons, my track
> record in the movement, and my understanding of copyright, a small majority
> opposed. Some of them specifically said they don't want admins focused on a
> certain topic, and others wanted to see me active in deletion discussions
> (specifically) before they would consider accepting my help.  This does
> suggest there is a certain reluctance to give the admin bit even to very
> low-risk volunteers like me.
> I certainly did not feel my help was welcomed.
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