Hello Wikimedia-l,

This is a quick request for comment for those interested in codes of
conduct (relevant to user groups and possibly projects as well).

In collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation’s trust and safety team, a
code of conduct has been drafted over the last few months for the WikiJournal
User Group <https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/WikiJournal_User_Group>. We
have drawn inspiration from CoCs used in different Wikimedia areas and open
projects (listed below the draft).

*Draft code of conduct available here*

Everyone is welcome to provide suggestions over the next week on how to
improve it: please join the discussion here

It has been written to be adaptable to other user groups, affiliates and
projects if they want to adapt & adopt something (generalised version

The user group was We were initially aiming to vote on it in May, however
in order to give a bit more time for feedback, that's being extended to
early June.


Thomas Shafee
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