Dear all,

To all those who care about making Wikimedia projects a safe and
harassment-free space, especially if you are coming from thematic User
Groups --
Please take a look at the Code of Conduct
for WikiJournals.

They have researched the topic of Code of Conduct quite extensively in and
outside the movement, and what they came up could potentially be used for
other affiliates.
I know I'll definitely promote that in the two User Groups I chair.

The group will be voting on it really soon, so thought I'd bring this to
your attention again, so anyone with a passion for community health will
have a chance to add comments in the discussion page


*Shani Evenstein Sigalov*
* Lecturer, Tel Aviv University.
* EdTech Innovation Strategist, NY/American Medical Program, Sackler School
of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.
* PhD Candidate, School of Education, Tel Aviv University.
* OER & Emerging Technologies Coordinator, UNESCO Chair
<> on Technology, Internationalization
and Education, School of Education, Tel Aviv University
* Chairperson, WikiProject Medicine Foundation
* Chairperson, Wikipedia & Education User Group
* Chairperson, The Hebrew Literature Digitization Society
* Chief Editor, Project Ben-Yehuda <>.

On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 9:34 AM Thomas Shafee <>

> Hello Wikimedia-l,
> This is a quick request for comment for those interested in codes of
> conduct (relevant to user groups and possibly projects as well).
> In collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation’s trust and safety team, a
> code of conduct has been drafted over the last few months for the
> WikiJournal
> User Group <>. We
> have drawn inspiration from CoCs used in different Wikimedia areas and open
> projects (listed below the draft).
> *Draft code of conduct available here*
> <
> >
> Everyone is welcome to provide suggestions over the next week on how to
> improve it: please join the discussion here
> <
> >
> !
> It has been written to be adaptable to other user groups, affiliates and
> projects if they want to adapt & adopt something (generalised version
> <
> >
> ).
> The user group was We were initially aiming to vote on it in May, however
> in order to give a bit more time for feedback, that's being extended to
> early June.
> Sincerely,
> Thomas Shafee
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