Are there any plans to add ticket options that are more affordable, especially for volunteers?

Even with Early Bird discount, $270 is... a lot, frankly (and after today, $375). Prior to Montreal two years ago (Cape Town last year was also similarly expensive), the registration cost of Wikimanias for Wikimedia contributors was generally in the 30-50€ range for the whole event - even Esino Lario, where food and full accommodation were included in the default ticket, also had a 'simple' ticket option skipping this that was still in the usual price range. Is there any chance we could bring this practice back? Or... something?

This isn't even just that I can't afford this (which I can't - the registration costs more than the plane ticket would), /a lot of us/ probably aren't going to be able to. Wikimania isn't like most conferences, where attendees are being sent by their companies or organisation; many of us who would consider going are individuals. Not only do we not necessarily have any larger organisations to fund our attendance, we're largely not getting paid for any of this, either - we're donating our time to be a part of this movement, and now we're expected to pay hundreds of dollars, as community members, to attend an event that used to be specifically for the community?

This is especially going to be a major turnoff to any newcomers, as it precludes people just registering and checking it out, seeing what's up, unless they have a lot of money to throw around on things they're not sure about. And based on the conversations I've had with various newcomers over the years who have been drawn into such events (previous wikimanias, hackathons, other conferences) and been highly engaged and inspired by their experiences, this is apt to be a major loss.

I'll also note that while scholarships do resolve this issue for some people, the scholarship budget is limited, and also generally focussed on travel and accommodation costs for folks who would otherwise not be able to get there, not attendance costs for people who can get there just fine but would prefer to spend that 250€ on something else, like a couple of months of groceries. There wasn't a 'just cover the registration fee' option with the scholarship applications at all. Not that... there should be?

Basically, would it be possible to maybe get some more options here?


On 24/05/2019 23:33, Isabel Cueva wrote:
Great News! The Wikimania discount registration 'early bird' price period has been extended to May 31st! Details:

Also, don’t forget: If you want to make a presentation, run a workshop, or display a poster during Wikimania, the Call for Submissions is NOW OPEN <>

On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 10:22 AM Isabel Cueva < <>> wrote:

    Attention Everyone (and please spread the word):

    Early Bird Registration is now open for Wikimania 2019 on our

    This discount pricing ends on May 24th so don’t delay!

    Online registration will be open from today to July 30th, 2019.

    For more information please visit:

    Wikimania 2019 will be held at Stockholm University
    <>, Sweden
    <>, from 14th to 18th August 2019.

    The venue will host the majority of the conference, hackathon,
    meetups, and pre-events.

    We would like to encourage all speakers and attendees to register
    early and book their flight and travel as soon as possible. If you
    have questions about visas, please visit our wiki visa page

    If you have any questions with regard to the conference, please
    contact: <>

    Don’t forget: If you want to make a presentation, run a workshop,
    or display a poster during Wikimania, the Call for Submissions is
    NOW OPEN <>

    We hope you can join us in Stockholm this summer!

    Isabel Cueva, WMF Event Program Manager

    on behalf of the Wikimania ‘19 Organizing Team

-- *Isabel Cueva*
    Event Program Manager
    Wikimedia Foundation <>

        *Isabel Cueva*
Event Program Manager
Wikimedia Foundation <>

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