Is posting 'fuck random' "behaviour that is unacceptable in any
collegial working
environment"? I think not. In many work environments frank expressions of
anger are a consequence of high levels of engagement in the work.

It may be that in order to encourage participation by those who are very
sensitive to potentially hostile environments (We used to say
thin-skinned.), the community needs to ban behavior that is often  viewed
as normal in other environments.  But something is likely to be lost in the
process: the deep commitment of some talented contributors. I, for one,
will regret this and may prefer disengagement from this community to
walking on eggshells.

On Wed, Jun 12, 2019, 08:46 Mister Thrapostibongles <> wrote:

> Yaroslav,
> I think it's reasonably clear that the English Wikipedia community and its
> community structures, such as its Arbitration Committee, and processes are
> not capable of maintaining a productive, harassment-free environment for
> the volunteer workers.  For example, they have consistently failed, after
> several attempts, to handle the case of a volunteer who used the word
> "Cxxx" about a fellow worker, and the community has agreed that telling
> others to "Fxxx off" is acceptable.  These are symptoms of a dysfunctional
> community, which tolerates behaviour that is unacceptable in any collegial
> working environment, and it is right that the Foundation should step in.
> Thrapostibongles
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