pushing people who felt harassed or mistreated to step forward is not ok at 
all. I do not honestly understand why the story from nearly a year ago has 
emerged, with personal details.

It is not unusual for people who caused distress to not have done it 
intentionally, and to genuinely believe they did nothing wrong. It is 
nevertheless the role of the safety team to react to any reports they receive.

Romaine, you're describing "a rumor that WMBE's treasurer was planning to 
attack that grants person" and are surprised that the safety team acted upon 
this rumor. I hope it is clear that they did exactly what they should have 
done. If there are rumors about physical violence, unbelievable as they may 
seem, the bottom line common sense is to approach the alleged would-be attacker 
and request politely that they stay away, to deescalate even just a potentially 
tense situation.

I personally believe this fork of the discussion threat deserves a quick EOT 
and salting.

Dariusz "pundit" (replying in my absolutely personal, and hastily expressed 

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