I am new to the mailing list and more generaly on wikipedia as contributor
and as student in wikiversity.

I did not know about WikiJournals as part of Wikiversity. My only remark
will be that the wikiveristy
PhD program is in poor shape. I was lost in the various tools I had to use
and broken links.
Most if not all conversation are old-ish and doesn't say the PhD program is
active or working
at all. (French wikiveristy is in much better shape).

I am certain that the implementation of wikijournal as sister project will
have more impact for WikiJournal.
My point is with a better english wikiversity, both could have more impact.

I think, forking wikijournals outside wikiverity will have a bad impact on

Also, is it possible to write a publication in the journal without prior
Can publication in the wikijournal help obtain the wikiveristy PhD?


Amirouche ~ amz3
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