These "What's making you happy this week?" threads often mention a
smorgasbord of subjects. The English Wiktionary Word of the day
for June 22 was "smorgasbord". Wiktionary's definitions of that word are:
"1. A Swedish-style buffet comprising a variety of cold sandwiches and
other dishes; (by extension) any buffet with a wide selection of dishes.
"2. (figuratively) An abundant and diverse collection of things."

On a related point, Commons has a smorgasbord of featured images of food
and drink

Also on Commons, I enjoy this
recent Picture of the day. The caption for the image is, "Linden trees and
the sky with clouds in Planina, Postojna, Slovenia". When I look at this
photo, I imagine myself laying on the ground and looking up at the sky.

While this incident <> was
not in the Wikiverse, as someone who has spent time in server rooms I can
sympathize with the engineer who was sent to do a chore when almost everything
that can go wrong, did go wrong
<>. Perhaps other Wikimedians
will appreciate the story too, especially those who support Wikimedia
technical products or services.

I am grateful for some recent civil and collegial discussions among
Wikipedia/Wikimedia administrators regarding certain problems that we are
collectively interested in addressing, such as vandalism and spambots.

Also, I am grateful to people who do maintenance or administrative tasks
with little expectation for rewards or thanks. My experience with these
people is that frequently they have humble attitudes, are idealistic, and
are interested in public service.

The Wikimania Steering Committee recently recommended
that Wikimania 2020 take place in Bangkok, Thailand. This Wikimania will be
supported by multiple Wikimedia affiliates in the East, Southeast Asia, and
Pacific region <>.

What's making you happy this week? You are welcome to comment in any

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