I thought this was interesting - it acknowledges many issues that come up
frequently in our community - released in January but I believe they still
consider many of these questions as open ones:


Draft Charter: An Oversight Board for Content Decisions

"Every day, teams at Facebook make difficult decisions about what content
should stay up and what should come down.

As our community has grown to more than 2 billion people, we have come to
believe that Facebook should not make so many of those decisions on its own
— that people should be able to request an appeal of our content decisions
to an independent body.

To do that, we are creating an external board. The board will be a body of
independent experts who will review Facebook's most challenging content
decisions - focusing on important and disputed cases. It will share its
decisions transparently and give reasons for them.

The board will be able to reverse Facebook’s decisions about whether to
allow or remove certain posts on the platform. Facebook will accept and
implement the board's decisions.

Facebook takes responsibility for our content decisions, policies and the
values we use to make them. The purpose of the board is to provide
oversight of how we exercise that responsibility and to make Facebook more

The following draft raises questions and considerations, while providing a
suggested approach that constitutes a model for the board's structure,
scope and authority. It is a starting point for discussion on how the board
should be designed and formed. What the draft does not do is answer every
proposed question completely or finally.

We are actively seeking contributions, opinions and perspectives from
around the world on each of the questions outlined below."

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