Hello everyone,

Today, the Wikimedia Foundation's Community Engagement department is
launching Wikimedia Space *[1]*, a platform for movement *[2]* organizers,
affiliates, contributors, partners, and the Foundation to share news,
questions, and conversations.

Learning from others has been the bedrock for development and growth in our
movement. With this platform, we want to promote these sorts of enriching
exchanges by welcoming people from every background to build strong and
diverse communities, breaking down the barriers for entry to our movement,
and focusing our efforts on facilitating collaboration, including from
communities that are new to our movement.

Wikimedia Space is a single place for collaboration, comprising Blog *[1]*
and Discuss *[3]* hubs. The Blog section provides a movement-wide platform
for project updates, recent events, and shared learnings. We have designed
editorial guidelines that allow everyone to share their news with others.
Wikimedia Space also allows anybody to add an event, which can be
discovered in a calendar *[4]* or a map *[5] *of the movement. We want this
new space to be safe and welcoming, especially for newcomers, and this is
why it is governed by a code of conduct *[6]*, and relies on active
community moderation.

Wikimedia Space is currently a prototype, built on WordPress *[7]* and
Discourse *[8]*. While at present it only operates in English, it will
evolve to include multiple languages in the near future. This project is
only possible with your participation. Spread the news and join Wikimedia
Space *[9]*!

Read more about the features you’ll find on our blog post. We have also
published posts on how to make this space yours, so it can best serve your
needs. You can find all the documentation for this project on its page on

See you at Wikimedia Space!

*María Cruz * \\  Communications and Outreach Manager, Community Engagement
\\ Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
mc...@wikimedia.org  |  Twitter:  @marianarra_

[1] https://space.wmflabs.org

[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_movement

[3] https://discuss-space.wmflabs.org/

[4] https://discuss-space.wmflabs.org/c/events/l/calendar

[5] https://discuss-space.wmflabs.org/c/events/l/map

[6] https://discuss-space.wmflabs.org/guidelines

[7] https://wordpress.org/

[8] https://discourse.org/
[9] https://discuss-space.wmflabs.org/t/how-to-join-wikimedia-space/113
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