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>> On 25.06.19 23:18, Yair Rand wrote:
>>> So far outside Wikimedia
>>> spaces that the only place it was even _announced_ was an off-wiki
>> mailing
>>> list?
>> Where would you have announced it, then? I asked for a movement-wide
>> announcement place a while ago in a different context [1] and got no
>> satisfactory answer; the most popular one was wikimedia-l (this list),
>> and the only on-wiki answers were “the village pumps” (i. e. scattered)
>> – with the caveat that you should translate your message first, which
>> doesn’t scale well. I’m not saying the Space shouldn’t have been
>> announced anywhere else, but it certainly seems to me that there is a
>> need for a space like it, and in particular I don’t understand why you
>> criticize the choice of wikimedia-l for the initial announcement when
>> there seems to be good consensus for it being a central movement
>> announcement and discussion platform.
>> [1]: https://twitter.com/LucasWerkmeistr/status/1107337860389265413
> I would have publicly announced it at least on the place that it's trying
> to replace: Meta-wiki.

Sorry if this sounds like I’m just repeating the question, but where on
metawiki specifically? Because there’s no such thing as a village pump
there, as far as I’m aware – a page titled Village pump [1] exists, but
it’s just a redirect to Wikimedia Forum [2], which is described as “a
central place for *questions and discussions* about the Wikimedia
Foundation and its projects” (emphasis mine). It’s not a place for
announcements, and there are no other announcements on it, so I
certainly wouldn’t expect the Wikimedia Space announcement to be there.
Meta:Discussion pages [3] also emphasizes that Wikimedia Forum is a page
about the Wikimedia Foundation, whereas Wikimedia Space should be, as I
understand it, a movement-wide thing (though initiated by the Foundation).

I maintain that there is no single on-wiki place for movement-wide
announcements like this, and wikimedia-l is currently the most obvious
venue; and since Discourse can offer several improvements over a mailing
list (no need to set up a pseudonymous email if you want to remain
anonymous, and it’s easier to follow a discussion without subscribing to
the list), I’m excited about the possibilities this brings.


PS: Minor note about the automatic promotion on Discourse – to my own
surprise, I earned level 1 just a few minutes after sending my other
email. It’s a much lower barrier than autoconfirmed status :)

[1]: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Village_pump
[2]: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Forum
[3]: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Meta:Discussion_pages

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