In an attempt to move the discussion on from unprofitable and
inappropriate speculations about information shared in confidence,
let's look at one of the aspects that is made public.  When the WMF
issues a WMF Global Ban in line with it  has been in
the habit of doing so by login identity or pseudonym as at

This makes perfect sense in terms of blocking users from logging in,
but the bans are not only issued against individuals personally rather
than specific account names ("A Foundation global ban is placed
against an individual instead of against a specific username") but
applies to real-world activities such as events and meetings ("as well
as any in-person events hosted, sponsored or funded by the
Foundation") for which people tyoically register and pay under a real

Has the time not come to for WMF Global Bans to name people under
their real names, where known?  In answer to one likely objection:
this is not outing, since that applies only to members of the
Wikimedia community.  People subject to WMF Global Bans are no longer
members of that community: the ban pernamentaly and irrevocably
removes them from membership ("Foundation global bans are final; they
are not appealable, not negotiable and not reversible.").

The Turnip

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