Jonathan + Adrian -- thank you for the thoughtful ideas.  Seconding that:
~ We could use warmer, less confusing ways to handle edit conflicts,
deletion, and edit wars
~ We have the luxury of trying many approaches in different places, and

Nathan <> wrote:

> You want a revolution to make Wikipedia a friendlier place?...

There is no such place... Have you been to a city?

Yes. Some disarmingly well-designed and welcoming, despite their density.
The question is not whether better equilibria exist; they do.  It is why
they are often hard to recognize, try out, and adopt.  Your insistence that
'there is no such place' is quite extraordinary, really: and highlights the

Todd Allen writes:
> Well, inclusionism generally is toxic.

<laugh>  Smooth redefinition of terms.  Jonathan's proposal was so kind +
specific, and you're spoiling for a fight.
Most of us have an opinion on inclu/delight, and would be glad to debate
it, but this thread isn't the place.

> can people participating to this thread respect the soft limit of this
mailing list, i.e. this is not a chat

Thanks for the reminder.  More than one post per day in a thread is
probably too much...
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