Dear all,

We would like to inform you that after long deliberations between the
Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and the WikiIndaba Steering Committee (WISCom)
we have reached an agreement that the suitable dates to host the WikiIndaba
conference 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria will be from 8 - 10 November.

We know that this news will disappoint many of you, who were gearing up for
the meeting. Unfortunately, operational difficulties created some delays.
We have discussed this with the staff of the WMF, and all agree that a
postponement will give us some extra time to ensure that a quality event is
planned for all. WikiIndaba conference is a key pillar in the Wikimedia
movement strategic direction, and an important platform for the African
Wikimedia community.

WISCom and the WMF continue to support Wikimedia Nigeria as the host and
venue for the conference.

We greatly appreciate your support and understanding, and we hope to see
you at WikiIndaba!

Kind regards,

Bobby Shabangu
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