As a member and current Chairperson of the first thematic organization, but not the only one anymore, I would like to congratulate you for this achievement.

Looking forward to exchanging experiences and working together!

El 7/31/19 a les 7:04 PM, Shani Evenstein ha escrit:
Thank you, Kirill, and all who have been involved in making this a

It's an exciting moment in our growth as an organization and we are
thrilled to be recognized as a Thematic Organization.
As Kirill mentioned, we do hope that this will lead the way for the scaling
of other cross-movement thematic efforts.

We look forward to continuing working with affiliates in the movement and
especially expanding our collaborations with affiliates we haven't had the
chance to work closely with, as we scale our efforts worldwide. If you are
interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us at:

We look forward to meeting some of you in the Health Space at Wikimania
<>, where you'll be able to
find out more about what we've been doing and how you can join forces with


Shani Evenstein
Chairperson, Wikimedia Medicine.

*Shani Evenstein Sigalov*
* Lecturer, Tel Aviv University.
* EdTech Innovation Strategist, NY/American Medical Program, Sackler School
of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.
* PhD Candidate, School of Education, Tel Aviv University.
* OER & Emerging Technologies Coordinator, UNESCO Chair
<> on Technology, Internationalization
and Education, School of Education, Tel Aviv University
* Chairperson, Wikimedia Medicine
* Chairperson, Wikipedia & Education User Group
* Chairperson, The Hebrew Literature Digitization Society
* Chief Editor, Project Ben-Yehuda <>.

On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 6:58 PM Rajeeb Dutta <> wrote:

Great news and many many congratulations to Wikimedia Medicine and all the
people involved in making this happen.
Thanks Kirill for the update.

Best Regards,
Rajeeb Dutta.
(U: Marajozkee)
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On 31-Jul-2019, at 9:16 PM, camelia boban <>
Many congratulations to Wikimedia Medicine, so happy for this

Camelia, WikiDonne User Group

*Camelia Boban*

*| Java EE Developer |*

*Affiliations Committee - **Wikimedia *Foundation
Coordinator - Diversity Working Group for Wikimedia Strategy 2030
Chair & co-founder - WikiDonne User Group *| WikiDonne Project ideator*

*Diversity Space @ Wikimania 2019 Co-Lead*

M. +39 3383385545
*Aissa Technologies* <>* | *Twitter
<> *|* *LinkedIn
*Wikipedia <> **|
UG <>* | *WikiDonne Project
<> *

Il giorno mer 31 lug 2019 alle ore 17:25 Kirill Lokshin <> ha scritto:

Hi everyone!

I'm very happy to announce that the Wikimedia Foundation Board of
has approved the recognition of Wikimedia Medicine [1] as a Wikimedia
thematic organisation.

Over the past several years, Wikimedia Medicine has successfully planned
and executed a significant program portfolio, attracting new
and forming partnerships with both movement affiliates and external
institutional partners around the world.  Wikimedia Medicine is an
ambitious, innovative, and highly effective organization that has
demonstrated a substantial record of independent programmatic impact and
continues to foster innovation and collaboration with numerous other
entities across the Wikimedia movement.

Wikimedia Medicine's efforts to deliver critical medical information to
underserved and underrepresented communities reflect the principles of
infrastructure and inclusiveness espoused in the Wikimedia movement
strategic direction, and represent a key potential area of growth for
emerging movement communities.  The recognition of Wikimedia Medicine
as a
Wikimedia thematic organisation reinforces the our movementā€™s shared
commitment to this direction, and will support Wikimedia Medicine's
partnerships with high-profile government institutions and NGOs.

Wikimedia Medicine is our first truly global thematic organisation, and
hope that this recognition will be the first of many as our community of
globally-focused Wikimedia user groups continues to evolve.

I want to thank everyone who has been involved with setting up the new
thematic organisation, and recognize their commitment and patience over
past year as we've worked through the thematic organisation recognition
process.  Please join me in congratulating the entire Wikimedia Medicine
team for their accomplishment!

Kirill Lokshin
Chair, Affiliations Committee


Toni Hermoso Pulido
Amical Wikimedia

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