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KuboF Hromoslav

Dňa st, 31. júl 2019 18:02 Kirill Lokshin <>

> Hi everyone!
> I'm very happy to announce that the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
> has approved the recognition of Wikimedia Colombia [1] as a Wikimedia
> chapter.
> Over the past five years, Wikimedia Colombia has successfully planned and
> executed a significant portfolio of innovative and effective programs,
> attracting new contributors, forming partnerships with local institutions,
> promoting the Wikimedia movement throughout the Republic of Colombia, and
> demonstrating a substantial record of programmatic impact.
> It is our hope that recognition as a Wikimedia chapter will empower the
> Wikimedia Colombia community to continue fostering the Wikimedia movement
> in Colombia and enable them to more effectively engage with government
> entities and other partners.  We additionally hope that Wikimedia Colombia
> will prove to be a source of inspiration and support for emerging Wikimedia
> communities in the surrounding geographic areas, furthering affiliate
> development across northern South America and Central America.
> I want to thank everyone who has been involved with setting up the new
> chapter, and recognize their commitment and patience over the past two
> years as we've worked through the chapter recognition process.  Please join
> me in congratulating the entire Wikimedia Colombia team for their
> accomplishment!
> Regards,
> Kirill Lokshin
> Chair, Affiliations Committee
> [1]
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