The English Wikiquote of the day for 8 August is from American poet Sara
Teasdale <https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Sara_Teasdale>. The quote is a
poem, "Alchemy
from her collection *Rivers to the Sea* that was published in 1915. A few
years later and for another poetry collection, Teasdale received a Pulitzer
prize <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulitzer_Prize>.

The Commons picture of the day for 2 August was of a butterfly, a Spotted
fritillary (Melitaea didyma
in Galichica National Park, Republic of Macedonia (now North Macedonia), by
photographer Charles J. Sharp from Scotland.


*Products and technologies*

The oldest “unbreak now” task on Phabricator as of 1 August was 0 days
(This could mean that there were no unbreak now tasks at the time that the
Phabricator report was generated, which would be good news.)

Cross-posting thanks from Legoktm on Wikitech-l


    “Daimona, bawolff, and sbassett for their work on v2.0 of the
   phan-taint-check-plugin, which has been instrumental in catching real
   security issues.


   “James_F for picking up a lot of CI maintenance

   “MatmaRex for seeing through a patch to allow skins to have custom OOUI
   themes, 2 years after beginning work on it!”


A summary of interesting links, adapted from Wikidata Weekly Summary #376


   "Wikidata: From "an" Identifier to "the" Identifier"
   <https://ejournals.bc.edu/index.php/ital/article/view/10886>, Theo van
   Veen, *Information Technology and Libraries*, 38(2), 72-81.

   "Opening up Research Data in Film Studies by Using the Structured
   Knowledge Base Wikidata"
   Adelheid Heftberger et al, in *Digital Cultural Heritage*, pp 401-410.

   "Bridging the gap between linked open data-based recommender systems and
   distributed representations"
   Pierpaolo Basile, et al, *Information Systems*, Volume 86, December
   2019, pp 1-8.

   "Open Refine Beginners Tutorial"
   video tutorial by Emmacarroll3 demonstrating how to import a dataset with

*Affiliate organizations*


   Wikimedia Medicine
   was elevated from User Group to Thematic Organization.

   Wikimedia Colombia <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Colombia>
   was elevated from User Group to Chapter.

   User group recognitions: Hausa Wikimedians User Group
   Wikipedians of Goa User Group
   Wikimedians of the Caribbean User Group
   and Yoruba Wikimedians User Group

   Wikimedia Portugal has signed a new chapter agreement with WMF

*Legal topics*

"The European Commission chooses truly free licenses for its content
by Dimitar Dimitrov, Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU

*Closing comments*

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