A small correction to the new roles - Krishna is Secretary and Joao is the
membership admin.
*So the new roles are like so: *
Filip Maljkovic - Chair
Susanna Mkrtchyan (Սուսաննա Մկրտչյան) - Vice Chair
Krishna Chaitanya Velaga - *Secretary*
João Alexandre Peschanski - *Membership Admin*
LiAnna Davis - Treasurer


On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 3:16 AM Shani Evenstein <shani.e...@gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> As some of you may know, I will soon be joining the Board of Trustees
> (August 15), and am therefore required to resign my formal role as Chair of
> the Wikipedia & Education User Group. This means a new vacancy had to be
> filled in the board composition and a new Chair had to be appointed.
> I'm happy to report that in an online board meeting earlier this month the
> board chose *Filip Maljkovic* to serve as the new Chair of the
> organization.
> As for filling up vacancies -- in addition to me leaving the board,
> another board member, *Ananth Subray, *has informed the board that due to
> other pressing obligations he will not be able to continue his role as a
> board member. Ananth has therefore resigned and will move to a position of
> "Adviser to the Board". I'd like to take the opportunity to thank him for
> his service to the UG's growth in the passing year.
> With both me and Ananth leaving the board, 2 vacancies had to be filled.
> The board of the W&E UG has always been a working board, keeping it small
> but with highly involved members. In order to foster stability in the
> organization and an easy as possible transition, the board has chosen to
> co-opt 2 members from our UG that has always been involved and already know
> the organization well - *João Alexandre Peschanski from Brazil, *who has
> served as an adviser to the board since the UG's approval, throughout the
> board election process and ever since; and *LiAnna Davis*, Chief Programs
> Officer and Deputy Director at *Wiki Education Foundation*, *from the US*.
> As some may remember, LiAnna once worked for the Education team at the WMF
> and was the one to initiate the creation of the Education Collaborative,
> which later evolved into our current UG. She has been involved in the
> different stages of our formation and knows well many of the relevant
> stakeholders.
> Both LiAnna & João were natural choices and bring to the board a wealth
> of experience running innovative EDUWiki initiatives. I have no doubt they
> will both contribute to the continued growth of the organization, till the
> next elections at the end of 2020.
> *Thus, the new Wikipedia & Education User Group **board composition is: *
> Filip Maljkovic - Chair
> Susanna Mkrtchyan - Vice Chair
> Krishna Chaitanya Velaga - Membership Admin
> João Alexandre Peschanski - Secretary
> LiAnna Davis - Treasurer
> To summarize, I feel very blessed to be leaving an even stronger board and
> look forward to seeing how this organization evolves. I'll remain involved
> as an 'adviser to the board' and will continue contributing to EDUWiki
> initiatives as a volunteer, educator, researcher and Open Education
> advocate.
> Best,
> Shani Evenstein.
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