I have what seems to be a minority opinion so far. I think that hosting NC
and ND media is worth considering. If the Commons community does not want
media with those licenses to be on Commons then I think that Peter's
suggestion is good.

A tricky issue may be whether to allow NC and NC media on Wikipedias, where
the media could get a lot of visibility but also cause additional licensing
complexity beyond what we already have with the English Wikipedia fair use
exception. This issue would need some deliberation, but any outcome
wouldn't be a blocker to a new repository for hosting NC and ND media.

I have some bigger concerns with a few of the other strategy proposals and
I am thinking about how to engage with the people who made those proposals.
I don't want people to feel that their ideas are being casually dismissed,
nor do I want to have hostility between the WGs and the wider community. I
would prefer to have constructive discussions, but I don't know how best to
do that at this point. I think that waiting a week or two for tempers to
cool might be good before engaging.

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