This meeting will be starting in 20 minutes. Please join us!

On Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 11:02 AM Gregory Varnum <>

> Hello,
> You are invited to our the Wikimedia monthly activities meeting, taking
> place tomorrow (August 29) starting at 18:00 UTC (11:00 Pacific Daylight
> Time). Please note this will be the last Wikimedia monthly activities
> meeting planned by the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department.
> After speaking with our colleagues and reviewing engagement metrics from
> the past few years, we concluded that there are other efforts in place that
> are better suited to achieve the goals of this meeting.
> You can join tomorrow’s final meeting via YouTube:
> And also in IRC: #wikimedia-office
> The agenda will include:
> - Wikimedia movement strategy update
> - Wikipedia’s role in Teenagers lives
> - Wikimedia Space
> More information on Meta-Wiki:
> When this meeting first began, it provided insights into data that was
> otherwise unavailable or hard to access. Thanks to the amazing efforts of
> staff and volunteers, those metrics are now available and updated regularly
> online. The purpose of the meeting thus shifted to focus on sharing
> progress updates and information from across the movement. We have realized
> however that this approach limits our ability to connect across languages
> and provide the level of detail necessary to create impact.  In addition,
> interest in the meeting has remained steady, but is has not grown, and
> there has been a decrease of interest in presenting.
> Fortunately, we have new methods of outreach that allow us to connect with
> wider audiences.. The new Wikimedia Foundation website
> <>, discussed at last month's meeting,
> has a greater ability to communicate across languages and is already
> helping us reach more people. We are discussing ways to further expand this
> support. The new Wikimedia Space project <>
> that will be discussed at this month's meeting provides a central,
> real-time space to have discussions and share information on activities
> across the movement.
> We appreciate all of the feedback people have provided over the years, and
> will continue to reflect on any additional input you may have. I also want
> to personally thank the dozens of people that presented over the years and
> the evolving core team that worked every month to put the meeting on. They
> often made it look easy, and I know that is not always the case.
> Thank you, and I will have more on this topic during tomorrow's meeting.
> -greg
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