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> From what I have seen, I think that Wikimedia Space may be good for some
> use cases, but it's not a substitute for Meta and for many existing public
> communications channels. One use case for Space that does make sense to me
> is that people might want to use it for private group communications.
> However, the platform is under WMF's control, community governance appears
> to be nearly nonexistent, public interest appears to be low at this time,
> and I think that Space fragments discussions onto yet another platform.

I'm not sure if you've already watched the Metrics Meeting today. If
you have not, you may find these helpful:

* Elena's response to a few questions about the governance of Space,
who/what-purpose it's being designed for, how we should evaluate its
success, ...: https://youtu.be/nhoJb6rwkfc?t=3487

* In IRC, whatami shared a link to the Talk pages project:


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