Hi everyone,

At Wikimania 2019, we shared information about the upcoming sustainability
report for the Wikimedia Foundation. Today, we’re publishing that report in
full. You can find an analysis of the report and what we’ll be doing next
in our sustainability efforts on the Wikimedia Foundation website here:

You can also read the full report on Commons here:

The report was developed in collaboration with the Strategic Sustainability
Group, a consultancy focused on helping organizations assess their
environmental impact. It includes a summary of our current practices,
identifies opportunities, and provides recommendations on how the
Foundation can do better. While it focuses primarily on the environmental
impact of the Wikimedia Foundation, rather than the movement as a whole, we
view it as an important starting point for further work in this area.

As an organization, there is much we’re already doing to limit our
environmental impact, but there is also much work we still have to do. Over
the next year, dedicated staff at the Foundation will be creating a
sustainability policy framework to incorporate sustainability as a guiding
practice in the organization.

Thank you to the staff and many groups and individuals in the movement who
worked with and encouraged us to take this important step to ensure
Wikimedia is supporting a sustainable world.

If you want to help spread the word, please retweet @Wikimedia and share
the blog post from your own channels. Our hope is that this work will help
build awareness around the need for organizations, and in particular tech
companies, to adopt more sustainable practices.

If you have questions or feedback on the report, we ask that you post them
on the talk page on Meta: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Sustainability

Thank you,


*Lydia Hamilton* (she/her)
Director of Operations
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