From a Harvard biology list, via my friend Chris: a newly named species of
Viola <>!

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Many of you may use Wikipedia.

Here is a plant name (*Viola Wikipedia*), which may be first name to honor

Viola wikipedia J.M.Watson & A.R.Flores, Int. Rock Gard. 117: 47. 2019

P. 47:

The authors gave a detailed explanation for their choice of the epithet

“Etymology: We Watsons investigate and write up all our publications at
home. We are retired on small pensions, belong to no institution, and work
privately on a largely self-funded basis. In the past, we have visited the
herbaria and libraries at K and SGO regularly, and once or occasionally B,
CONC, LIL, MERL, P, SI, and ULS as well. But for various reasons we are
very seldom able to travel to any these days, and have only managed two
such visits in the last five years. So now, at the very apogee of our
'publication era', we are totally dependent on our indispensable home
library and ... the Internet. Without the latter, we could literally
achieve nothing of scientific relevance. It provides information from such
a wide number of reference sources and personal contacts that it is
impossible to even begin to think about listing them all. However, one is
particularly outstanding in that we consult it constantly for information
on a wide variety of subjects related to our work - Wikipedia, as cited
herein for example. The best token return we can think of is to name a
plant accordingly, so it therefore gives us pleasure to record our
gratitude via the replacement epithet of this species, as a noun in

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