What exactly do you suggest that you or the rest of us could actually
do with a "better understanding" of these issues?  Without taking any
position on whether there is some form of stress, is it likely to be
anything other than exacerbated by exposing it in public, with no real
prospect of that exposure leading to any kind of amelioration?


On Wed, 2 Oct 2019 at 21:09, Pine W <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Something I am sensing from multiple sources, sometimes more through
> implication than specific statements, is that there is a sense of turmoil
> in WMF. I think that some amounts of internal politics and staff turnover
> are normal, but over the past few months I am sensing an increase in
> internal turmoil. I am noticing the departures of some staff people that I
> personally like and respect. I am wondering if WMF Talent and Culture or
> maybe someone on the ED's office would be willing to comment regarding
> these issues. I'm not intending to add additional stress to people who are
> generally competent and are trying to do good work. I would like to better
> understand the degree of turmoil (perhaps my impressions are incorrect),
> what might be causing the turmoil, and whether the turmoil is good or bad.
> Hopefully any increase in turmoil is temporary, but I am somewhat
> concerned. If staff are focused too much on internal WMF issues then this
> may affect their productivity on projects that support the community, and
> having highly stressed or discouraged staff would be a problem.
> Thank you,
> Pine
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