Dear all,

I am writing to share some good news! After two years of brainstorming and
planning, our instructional website in Arabic is out! This is yet another
step for Wikimedia Israel in developing instructional tools.

We’re thrilled to introduce Wiki Warsha ويكي ورشة <>! <> is a multimedia instructional
website designed to introduce Wikipedia to Arabic readers, to invite new
editors to write and edit content on Arabic Wikipedia, to assist teachers
in school activities, and instructors in editing workshops.

Warsha is the Arabic word for ‘workshop’, the website includes short
instructional films, texts and images and is divided into 13 informative
and instructional lessons:


   Wikipedia homepage structure

   About Wikipedia articles

   Create account

   Sign in to a registered account

   Create a userpage

   Create a new article

   Edit an article

   Formatting the article

   Request edits approval on Arabic Wikipedia

   Adding image

   Adding internal and external links

   Adding references

   Adding categories

In addition to those lessons, the website contains informative sections
about copyright issues, FAQs, good article criteria, and talk pages, all in
order to facilitate understanding how Wikipedia communities function.

For further details and info:

Michal Lester

Bekriah Mawasi [[user: bks-WMIL]]

Michal Lester

Executive Director

Wikimedia Israel
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