Hi folks,

I can probably comment this, as a member of both Wikimedia Russia and a Tatar 
language-specific UG.
On top of participation in Wikimedia Language Diversity initiative on meta, I 
am also contemplating and working towards starting a territory-specific UG for 
my region + an incubator UG for more language-specific UG in the languages of 

Wikimedians of Russia seem to see the matreshkas of (1) "global conference - 
regional conference - topic-specific conferences"  & (2) WMF & affiliates 
general meeting - national chapters - UGs" as natural structures, each 
addressing different tasks, having different priorities, whilst cooperating in 
various projects.

* Wikimedia Russia legal requirements (in-person quorum for decision-making, 
etc.) doesn't allow us to accept into membership all members of all our 
regional, language or topic specific UGs. So our chapter is evolving towards a 
mixed confederation status, selectively welcoming some members from various 
groupings around Russia (which themselves can't be neither cells nor branches 
of WMRU).

* SPB is not purely a city, but a one of 85 provinces (read states) of the 
Russian Federation (like my home Republic of Tatarstan, neighbouring Republic 
of Bashkortostan with its Bashkir Wiki-grandmas, or a city of Moscow).

* Once we will spin out UG MSK, we will complete transforming Wikimedia Russia 
into a collective entity for join tasks, working on national-level advocacy & 
other projects.

* We currently have 5 existing UGs, have two more filed & at least one more at 
the preparation stage - as this is a good way to engage locally or topically 
interested public into Wikimedia universe.


Farhad Fatkullin - Фархад Фаткуллин Тел.+79274158066 / skype:frhdkazan / 
Wikipedia:frhdkazan / Wikidata:Q34036417

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