Can someone explain how a vandalized version of the Wikipedia article
about Henry Kissinger that was only visible for a rather short time
several days ago, is still being promoted in Google searches

The "zombie sex" vandalism was only visible for a few minutes, quickly
fixed by admin El C and the page indefinitely protected. Yet it is
this four day old version that Google searches were using in
preference to either the current version or older versions with more
long term public visibility. In the age of real smart Google AI and
active mirrors of Wikipedia, how is this still our reality? It does
not give me confidence that politically vandalized articles
potentially for the benefit of state sponsored agents are not also
being promoted in searches for several days, regardless of how
fleetingly they are visible on Wikipedia and speedily corrected by

It would be good to have a simple explanation of any improvements to
how this works, and our Wikimedia projects pragmatic relationship with
Google and other search engines.




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