Gerard, you assume that "my wikipedia" is the only project I participate
in?  Let me assure you this is not the case.  On the contrary, the last few
years I mostly contributed to Wikidata and recently - a massive Wiktionary
lexeme import, and very little to Wikipedia.

That said, I think removing the last actionable and visible community check
on WMF is a mistake for the reasons I outlined before.  We the community
(people who contribute to the open knowledge, who actually created the
knowledge that now generates all those donations) should have at least some
measurable input into how WMF spends those resources and priorities its
projects. WMF can say "we believe that free knowledge means we must spend
99% of the donations towards global warming, because one cannot have free
knowledge without the planet on which to live" (a bit of a straw man
argument, but it illustrates my point) -- and there is no community input
short of a Global protect or a Spanish-wiki-style revolt where the whole
community decides to move to a different platform for the feedback to get

My point is -- in a democracy, if a large crowd is on the streets, the
government has already messed up. And the way to avoid it is to have a well
functioning feedback mechanism that can early-on tell WMF what the
"constituents" would like it to do.  We currently do NOT have any way for
donators to say what they want the money to be spend on. We currently do
NOT have any way for community to do the same.  Thus, its a self-driving
ship -- the inmates are running the asylum.

On Sun, Oct 6, 2019 at 12:50 AM Gerard Meijssen <>

> The disappointing you show and the grotesque conclusions are imho based in
> a sense of entitlement. You had it your way for so long and they are now
> robbing you from your cookies... It is easy to "forget" that a program
> where a majority decides what is on a "community wish list" favours the
> biggest projects. It is easy to forget that the WMF has many projects and
> your Wikipedia is only one out of over 250 and, there are the "other"
> projects as well.
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