The Wikidata profiles is a bit of a tangent, here's another nudge that
the thread is really about best practices for managing scholarships
for volunteers.

Now indulging the tangent myself :-), care will be taken for all
attendees for this planned LGBT+ conference to feel safe and welcome
by participating. Though some participants may have public profiles
and be published, most will not, and it's likely that even some with
profiles will prefer to take part without it being an issue. The
conference will be transparently governed and the outcomes will be
public and of public benefit, but there are jolly good reasons not to
have participants feeling that they are being live streamed and any
video frame might be used out of context in trollish commentary about
them or to out them.

We regularly, and have recently seen, minority groups targeted with
harassment, threats, abuse and other unwelcoming hounding just for
being visible participants on related Wikipedia topics. It's the
reality of our public space and there is no easy fix for it, but we
can be honest about it, and do more to act on it in a timely way.


On Tue, 8 Oct 2019 at 09:53, Matej Grochal <> wrote:
> Dear all
> interesting idea with Wikidata. However, especially in the LGBT+
> community there might be a disharmony in what is online and what is
> offline. Would we require people to out themselves? What about
> countries where it is safer to assume an identity?
> Matej

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