Sorry that I'm late replying to this thread. I have been very busy in the
past few weeks.

I have a proposal that likely will not affect the current round of
appointments because implementation would require some time and careful
deliberation. This proposal isn't intended as a personal critique.

I would like to see the selection process for OC be done by the community
with WMF consent, similar to how stewards are appointed. I think it's
important that community members not be viewed as agents of WMF, and the
current system for OC appointments seems to imply that WMF has authority to
oversee or to control the use of advanced permissions and the OC as an
organization. I think that this should be flipped, with WMF supporting
community institutions and not the other way around. I'm okay with WMF
being involved in the selection process for OC candidates by conducting
background checks on candidates and having some limited veto authority, but
WMF's role should primarily be one of providing support to community
members and institutions such as the OC.

Thank you for listening.

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