> I've never created a Wikidata profile about anyone, not even someone who is
> widely known.

I did not say you had.  I said that the common view on the projects
you support is that the consent of the person written about is not
necessary and that volunteers have a right to create that material.
Indeed, I would go further, and say that it is not unknown for
subjects who object to personal information being published to be
treated with scorn, contempt and ridicule.  Do you accept that, and if
so, do you condone it?

> No, I would never create an article about a Wikimedian - or a Wikidata
> profile either - unless they are clearly and obviously notable outside of
> our little microcosm.

Is the subject being a Wikimedian relevant to whether or not material
should be published?

> Further, I think it's terrible use of Wikidata to use it to store what are
> essentially the personnel records of Wikimedia volunteers.

Indeed, in some jurisdictions it is likely to be unlawful.


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