(I'm not the most technical person, so feel free to correct imprecisions or
add better suggestions)
It feels like a blast from the past, but it turns out there's still a fair
amount of Yahoo/AOL users that are part of our community.

Just a fair warning: as has been known for a while now (at least 2013
<https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T58414>), yahoo (and AOL?) emails
through mailman lists are often treated as spam by gmail email recipients.

This has gotten worse: I understand Yahoo may have blacklisted
lists.wikimedia.org altogether, and emails are bouncing. I noticed for some
50-100 email Yahoo and AOL addresses on the Wiki Loves Monuments mailing
list that they bounced back, and eventually got automatically unsubscribed.

So if you or a friend has a Yahoo or AOL email address - you/they may be at
risk of being unsubscribed from (some?) Wikimedia mailing lists without
notification. The only 'fix' that you can do, that I'm aware of, is slowly
moving to a different provider, if you want to be active on these lists.

The issue is being tracked without much visible activity here:
https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T232417 (there may be more relevant

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