Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce a new position at Wikimédia France
(WMFR): Diversity and Francophony Projects Manager. Adélaïde Calais [1],
already working for us on WikiFranca and the French speaking
Wikiconvention, is in charge on that. This new position contains 3 main

A. Support the structuration and development of francophone
cooperation efforts 'WikiFranca' : Since 2013 and the creation of
WikIFranca by members of Wikimedia Canada, Wikimedia Switzerland,
Wikimedia Belgium and Wikimedia France [2],  we are committed to other
French affiliates of the Wikimedia movement in a logic of mutual
support. The WikiFranca [3] network has welcomed and supported the
emergence of Wikimedia communities in other French-speaking countries by
organizing unifying events. WMFR would like to continue to support the
WikiFranca French-speaking collaborative network and develop friendly
relations with the Francophone affiliates of the movement. 

projects: Francophone Contribution Month, French speaking Wikiconvention
[4], Learning Days in French, rapid grants open to all French speaking
wikimedians [5], WikiClubRFI [6]... 

B. Languages diversity: We will
focus on a territorial linguistic community and develop an annual
project with the help of local associations. In 2019-2020, this will be
the Occitan community whose version of Wikipedia has about 85,000
articles for 5 administrators. We hope to build a development and
support project that will be transferable to other linguistic
communities living in metropolitan France. This project also concerns
the tool Lingua Libre [7] which has been developed to allow the oral
contribution on Wikimedia projects especially for people who speak
regional and minority languages. Since then, the project has evolved,
grown and reached a stage of development sufficient to initiate
recording workshops. It reached 150 000 recordings after a only year
being up and meets expressed needs. We will, therefore, continue to
support it, but we must also look at its future and its usefulness for
the Wikimedia movement, particularly in the context of the 2030

Ongoing projects: Lingua libre, Lingua Libre Sign-it (a
Sign Language project that will be announced later), funding of MOOCs in
Arabic and Shawiya... 

C. Diversify participation in the Wikimedia
movement: In 2018, WMFR launched a specific program for the overseas
territories with the first edition of the contest "Photograph the
Overseas" [8], in partnership with the French Ministry of Overseas and
the French Development Agency. The objective of the Overseas project is
to develop the participation coming from overseas territories in order
to improve the contents on the Wikimedia projects related to these
territories. They represent about 18% of the whole of the national
territory, counting 2 million inhabitants. Overseas territories are as
diverse as the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon off Canada, Antillean
islands or the kingdoms of Wallis and Futuna in the Pacific Ocean. 

order not to disperse our forces and thus weaken our fight against the
gender gap on Wikimedia projects, Wikimedia France supported the
activities of gender gap-bridging projects (Les sans pagEs [9]) and a
monthly Wikisource editathons on women writers [10]. 

Ongoing projects:
Photograph the Overseas, funding of gender gap-bridging projects...

I'm also thrilled to have Emma Vadillo [11], doing an internship of 8
months on Lingua Libre. Emma recently graduated from Science Po Paris
and Columbia University in New York where she also worked at the
Endangered Language Alliance documenting endangered languages. She wants
to pursue studies in linguistics but before that, she is here to apply
her knowledge of indigenous languages of Latin America and linguistic
policy to developing Lingua Libre in its goal of facilitating the
publication of audio content on Wikimedia projects. She hopes this will
enable linguistic communities of regional and/or minority languages to
share their knowledge more easily with the world, as well as appropriate
themselves the new technologies of information and communication to be
able to use them in their own language and for their own benefit. 


[3] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiFranca/en 
[7] https://lingualibre.fr

[8] https://outremer.wikimedia.fr 




FRANCE Association pour le libre partage de la

www.wikimedia.fr [1]  40 rue de clery, 75002 Paris [2]

[1] https://www.wikimedia.fr
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