Dear Wikimedia Affiliates,

It’s with great pleasure that we invite movement Affiliates to join us at
the Wikimedia Summit 2020, which will be held at Seminaris Conference
Center in Berlin from 3-5 April.[1]

With the Wikimedia Summit 2019, we refocused the event entirely on Movement
Strategy and Wikimedia’s path towards 2030. Building upon this concept,
next year’s Summit will again be designed around the needs and
opportunities of “Wikimedia 2030”.[2]

In spring 2020, the recommendations for change will be finalized and we
will have clarity on how to adapt to move strongly and successfully in the
movement’s Strategic Direction. The Wikimedia Summit 2020 will be an
important transition away from strategy development and into the long
awaited implementation of the recommended changes. The event will first aim
to create clarity and shared understanding of the recommendations, and then
initiate the implementation across movement organizations in a
collaborative way. The main part of that conversation is to discuss
prioritization and sequencing of the recommendations, and agree upon
responsibilities in bringing each recommendation to life – globally,
regionally, and on the local level. This will have to be a deeply
collaborative process, engaging all parts of the movement together.

We invite all eligible Wikimedia affiliates to be part of this
conversation. To ensure that we use the in-person time as best as possible,
we ask Affiliates to only send delegates who will come with a good
understanding of the movement strategy process and the draft
recommendations, and are ready to take agency and responsibility to design
and implement the recommendations in collaboration with every part of the
Movement and our partners. We will ensure these criteria are met by asking
targeted questions in the registration form.

As the recommendations affect every part of the movement, from WMF to
affiliates and beyond, we will need all the right people at the table to
design the implementation. A number of Board and staff members of the
Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Deutschland will take part at the event,
and we are also looking forward to invite of some members of the final
writing group and of the Affiliations Committee to join us in Berlin.

The registration to the event will open tomorrow, so watch out for the
email with all logistical information around the event including contact

On behalf of our organizations, we are looking forward to welcoming you in
Berlin in April!

Best regards,

Abraham Taherivand, Wikimedia Deutschland

Katherine Maher, Wikimedia Foundation



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