Hello colleagues,

I have resumed work on my video tutorial project for Wikipedia and the
sister sites. I am hoping that eventually there will be video tutorials
and/or interactive tutorials in multiple languages, but for now I am
focusing on producing a small number of videos for English Wikipedia to
test the process and to get feedback from the community. These videos will
be designed for "organic" new users who become active on Wikipedia without
first being involved in a formal program that provides guidance for new
contributors, but I think that the videos may also be useful for formal
Wikimedia program organizers to share with their participants.

A project space is live on Outreach Wiki:
https://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/NavWiki. I invite you to look at the
organization of the space and let me know if you have any feedback.
Comments and questions may be left on the project talk page

I am hoping to publish two videos for English Wikipedia by the end of 2019,
and to collect feedback on them until at least January 2020 before deciding
on significant next steps. If the feedback is positive then then I hope to
produce more videos in the future and/or to adapt the videos for additional

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