Hi all, 

On November 16th, Wikimédia France held its annual General
Assembly and partialy renewed its Board. We are particularly glad and
proud of announcing that for the first time our chapter has reserved a
seat for a candidate appointed by the community.  

Here is a brief
presentation of the newly elected Board members, including the
community-appointed seat ratified by the Assembly:  

        * Pascale
Camus-Walter, elected for 2 years: On Wikipedia since 2011, Pascale is a
Wikimédia France member since 2015. 

        * Jonathan Mouton, elected for 3
years: Registered on Wikipedia in 2007, Jonathan is the one elected as a
Board member by the community.

        * Diane Ranville, elected for 3 years:
Wikimedian from Grenoble, Diane is committed in Wikimédia France since

        * Carole Renard, elected for 3 years: Feminist, Wikimedian
since 2017, Carole is contributing on Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata and

        * Benoit Soubeyran, elected for 2 years: Wikimedian since
2012, Benoit has been a librarian and a blogger for several years.

brings the number of women on our Board to 4 on a total of 12 members
(Improvement in progress). 

The other Board members remain unchanged,
as well as the executive bureau: 

        * Pierre-Yves Beaudouin: President,
whose turn will end in 1 year.

        * Benoît Deshayes: whose turn will end
in 1 year.

        * Julien Gardet: reelected for 3 years.

        * Roger Gotlib:
whose turn will end in 1 year.

        * Nadine Le Lirzin: Secretary, whose
turn will end in 1 year.

        * Pascal Radigue: Treasurer, whose turn will
end in 1 year.

        * Willie Robert: Vice-President, whose turn will end
in 1 year. 

We would like to thank Marin Dubroca-Voisin, Pierre-Selim
Huard, Pierre-Antoine Le Page, Lucas Lévêque and Hélène Masson, whose
turns just came to an end, for having worked with us at restoring the
good health of the Association. We know you're still around :) 

For the
Board of Wikimédia France,  
Nadine Le Lirzin, Secretary  
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