Hi all!

I'm glad to announce that the 3rd edition of the Bridges Across Cultures
contest has started.

"Bridges across Cultures" is an editing contest organized by different
Wikimedia affiliates with the goal to promote cultural exchange between
three regions of the world: Latin America, Russia and the Middle East &
North Africa (MENA). This is the first time that Russia will join, thanks
to the work of Wikimedia Russia, the Wikimedians of Bashkortostan and the
Wikipedians of North Caucasus user groups, who join different affiliates
part of Iberocoop and WikiArabia collaboration groups.

The contest will run till December 31st, 2019, and nine Wikipedias will
participate: Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Russian,
Bashkir, Lezgi and Chechen. Users of those projects will write articles
from other regions with the intention to increase cultural exchange and
break the bias towards Western European and North American contents.

Hope you can all join!

Osmar Valdebenito
Wikimedia Chile
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