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> There is no attention from the community to get our data into Africa
> or Asia for that matter, what happened is all thanks to staff efforts.

In 2015, as a volunteer, I gave a keynote presentation on Wikidata's
sue of authority control identifiers, at the World Digital Library's
Arab Peninsula Regional Group conference in Doha

Also in 2015, I visited Tunis and Monastir, to speak as a volunteer at
WikiArabia, which was attended by both African and Asian delegates. I
also gave talks to university students, met with GLAM professionals,
and was interviewed a national radio station.

In 2016, I spent several days, as a volunteer, training Wikimedia
volunteers in Jakarta to edit Wikidata, as well as giving a talk on
Wikidata to staff of a the education ministry, with which they

In 2017, I visited Cairo, as a volunteer, to give a workshop on
Wikidata at WikiArabia.

In 2018, I and several other volunteers spoke at a GLAM conference in
Yerevan, and gave talks and training workshops for Wikimedia
volunteers there.

Also in 2018, while in Cape Town for Wikimania, as a volunteer, I
assisted at Wikidata workshop for South African librarians.

Near the end of 2018, I visited eastern Istanbul to give a guest
lecture on Wikidata to students at Üsküdar University. And yes, I did
so as a volunteer.

In 2019, I introduced academics from two South African Universities,
whom I met in England, to volunteers from WMZA. They are now
collaborating on introducing Wikimedia projects into further education
in that country.

I maintain ongoing relationships and online collaborations with many
of the African and Asian Wikimedians I met on my travels.

Your statement, made in ignorance of the facts, is offensive not only
to me, but chiefly to the many other volunteers who are busy growing
Wikidata in Africa and Asia, both as a result of my voluntary
activities and otherwise.

Andy Mabbett

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