Dear Filip,

many thanks for your many years of excellent service - and great to see you're 
staying on the board! Congrats to the new President and the whole team :)


dj "pundit"

On Mon, Dec 9, 2019 at 4:37 PM Filip Maljkovic 
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Hello everyone,

Wikimedia Serbia held its General Assembly last night, when I formally
stepped down as the president of the chapter, after being in that
position for 6 years. Miroslav Loci (aka Mickey Mystique) was
unanimously elected as the new president of Wikimedia Serbia.

Marko Adam stepped down as a board member and Teodora Lukić is the newly
elected board member. Therefore, the board of Wikimedia Serbia now
consists of the following people:

1. Miroslav Loci - president
2. Đorđe Stakić - vice-president
3. Filip Maljković
4. Miljan Simonović
5. Bojana Satarić
6. Teodora Lukić

It has been a privilege to serve as the president of Wikimedia Serbia
and I'm certain that it will remain a stable and regionally strong
chapter in the following years.

Filip Maljković

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