many thanks Michal for your years of amazing work, which I've admired on many 
occasions. Welcome, Revital - Michal set the bar high, but I'm sure you'll make 
WMIL grow even more!


dj "pundit"

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A great thank you to Michal and congratulations to Revital for the new
Also a great thank you to WMIL for the work done in all these years.


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Il giorno mer 18 dic 2019 alle ore 14:49 Itzik - Wikimedia Israel <<>> ha scritto:

> Dear friends,
> I wanted to share with you some changes in WMIL. This weekend, after more
> than 6 years of service, Michal Lester will conclude her position as WMIL's
> ED.
> Michal, WMIL’s first ED, joined us more than 6 years ago, and was our
> second employee. Michal’s joining marked the transition of WMIL from an
> organization operated and managed by volunteers only to professional hired
> staff supporting and leading the activity with the volunteers.
> Michal started to initiate and lead large-scale projects and raise the
> resources needed for the activity through collaborations, donations and
> fund grants. From a one-employee organization with a limited budget, she
> brought us to the current position as an established NGO, with varied
> activity, hired staff to support it, volunteers and a sufficient budget to
> support all of that.
> Under her leadership, we initiated the education project in Hebrew, and
> later in Arabic. We guided tens of thousands of teachers on how to work
> with (and for) Wikipedia. We created training tools and tutorials, formed
> years-long collaborations with dozens of organizations, and hosted the
> international hackathon and later the GLAM conference. We represented WMIL
> and our movement values in Parliament discussions and in discussion with
> archives; and when they failed to cooperate we did not hesitate to “force”
> them to give back to the public the photos that belong to them by law. The
> list of projects and achievements is too long to summarize in one email.
> We are proud to say that WMIL turned not only to a leading and recognized
> organization in Israel, but also to one of the important and active
> affiliates of the global movement.
> Michal’s activity in WMIL was beyond that of an employee, but true
> recruitment and belief in Wikimedia’s activity and values. Her
> round-the-clock investment and great love to the movement, organization,
> its employees and volunteers, serves proof. Many volunteers benefited from
> Michal’s attention, advice and support at all times.
> The Board, and I personally, would like to thank Michal for this
> significant contribution that brought us to our current dignified position,
> and we wish her the best of luck in the future. We will remember you as the
> first ED who saw the hardship and labor pains of WMIL, and as WMIL’s
> “mother” in its professional role. We extend to you our greatest thanks.
> While Michal is leaving, I would like to congratulate Revital Poleg,
> replacing Michal in her position. Revital is a former diplomat. She was one
> of the founders of the Peres Peace Center, she served as Chief of Staff for
> the Knesset Speaker; VP Business Development of a lobbying company;
> External Relations and Resource Development Director for the Ruppin
> Academic Center; and in her last position – Chief Executive and Head of the
> Jewish Agency Mission to Brazil.
> Revital brings extensive experience in large organizations, both local and
> international, and a vast network of contacts in the private and public
> sectors. She speaks Hebrew, English, Portuguese and Spanish.
> We wish her good luck in her position, in filling Michal’s big shoes, and
> we are positive she continues to advance WMIL forward.
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