Hi Yury,

I saw some excitement from people regarding this edit. However, I for one
have been hesitant to make wider announcements about this. My personal
concern is that, although I have every reason to believe that the
contributor is who others claim that she is, the contributor did not self
publish information that unambiguously communicated her identity in a
public space in the Wikiverse.

ENWP can be highly protective of contributors' off wiki identities when
contributors have not self published that information. ENWP can be so
protective that there is friction within the community about whether paid
conflict of interest editors are getting an unreasonable degree of
protection. In this case, the contributor's username is highly suggestive
of her identity. I regret if the caution seems to be excessive, but there
are reasons to be cautious about announcing information about other
Wikimedia contributors who have implied and not outright stated information
about their identities.

I hope that in the near future this contributor will provide a small amount
of further self disclosure about her off wiki identity, such as by simply
writing her name on her userpage, and at that time I would be much more
comfortable celebrating this edit. Again, I regret if this approach feels
excessively cautious.

( https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pine )
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