Happy New Year! The Wikipedia & Education User Group invites you to attend
our next Open Meeting via Zoom on *Tuesday, January 28, from 18:00 UTC to
19:30 UTC*.

As usual for our Open Meetings, we will provide updates from the Wikipedia
& Education board, then leave most of the time for our guest speakers. This
month, we're thrilled to have featured speakers from Israel and Ghana join
us to speak about Wikidata in education and outside-the-classroom social
impact from Wikimedia projects.

*Shani Evenstein Sigalov* is one of the leading innovators in the Wikimedia
& Education movement globally. In addition to her work as a researcher and
free knowledge advocate, Shani has taught groundbreaking courses on
Wikipedia and Wikidata, and she'll be presenting in this meeting on her
Wikidata work. A founding board member of the Wikipedia & Education User
Group, Shani resigned to take on even greater responsibility as a Wikimedia
Foundation Trustee. We're particularly excited to welcome her back as a
guest speaker!

*Andrews Lartey*, Project Manager for Growing Open and Eco-friendly Skills
for the Youth (GOES), will speak about how Wikimedia Projects can be used
outside the classroom to create social impact (Industry 4.0 skills
acquisition, circular economy and zero hunger). Andrews Lartey will present
on how GOES, through community school farms is creating social impact in
Ghana, the global effect and how various institutions and individuals can
support the project.

The meeting will be hosted via this link on January 28:
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