This is out in several newspapers now.

"Snøhetta shall create new visual profile for Wikipedia-owner" [1]

A quick Google Translate dump

The mission is the largest in the field of graphic design ever, writes
Dagens Næringsliv.

- For me personally, this is very big, but you see it in a larger
perspective - Norway, Norwegian design and graphic design - then this
is one of the largest international customers who have come to Norway
and chosen a Norwegian design agency. So it's very big, says strategic
advisor Sanda Zahirovic in the design department in Snøhetta to the

Eight companies were in the competition for the assignment. Creative
director Heather Walls at Wikimedia will not go out with Dagens
Næringsliv with what other companies were talking about, but says that
Snøhetta was the obvious choice.

Snow hood founder and partner Kjetil Trædal Thorsen cannot say how
much the contract is worth, but emphasizes that the work is devoting a
good deal of resources during the project period, which is half a


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