Hi Nicole and Kaarel,

Thank you for sharing your comments.

A few points:

* I realize that a lot of time and money has been spent in the strategy
process to this point. I hope that there will be consensus on at least some
of the recommendations.

* Hopefully the discussions in the next few weeks will be informative. Even
if some recommendations are not adopted, that is *not* necessarily a
failure, and I hope that the strategy organizers and volunteers will not be
discouraged if only a minority of recommendations are adopted.
Recommendations which are not adopted may become fruitful seeds for future

* At this stage in the strategy process, changes are not prescribed
<https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/prescribe>. The community and WMF are free
to adopt or decline them without lengthy discussions and speculation about
what impacts recommendations would have if adopted. Volunteers are not
obligated to spend their time engaging with this process, or to their time
justifying their decisions to the organizers of the strategy process.
However, there is likely to be discussion about the strategy
recommendations, and hopefully those discussions will provide a sense of
areas where there may be grounds for a formal consensus later this year.

* I believe that the formal process for adopting strategy recommendations
by the community could take one or both of these forms. (My impression,
which may be incorrect, is that you intend for this adoption process to
take place after the "community conversations" in the next few months.)
1. A global request for comment on Meta, with each recommendation set for
an individual !vote so that individual recommendations may be accepted or
2. Local requests for comment, according to what participants on each wiki
decide. This may be practical for some recommendations more than others.

I hope that these comments are helpful.

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