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> Hi Aron,
> Some of your comments remind me of arguments that I heard from WMF around
> the time that the WMF Board decided to let Lila have her way with
> Superprotect. WMF's solution to various question about who should make
> decisions and whether diverse needs were being adequately addressed was to
> put itself in charge.

My knowledge about Superprotect is khm... superficial (no pun intended),
from recollections and some randomly read discussions, but you made me
interested to deepen my knowledge. Could you reference the arguments that
you were reminded of, together with my specific comments that you
associated with it, so I can better understand your comment?

Regarding my comments: these are original thoughts based on researching
policies and guidelines, the actual application of those, user feedback
from editors (present and former) and impressions from readers. The extent
of my research pales in comparison to those made by the WMF, therefore I
focus on topics where I've acquired enough knowledge that my opinion and
vision have taken form. Superprotect is not one of those topics, but maybe
one day it will be.

> I'm curious. How do you think that all-Wikiverse governance should be done?
> This is a complex topic. You partially addressed this in your previous
> email, and I would like to hear more, particularly regarding governance
> structures, representation, and methods for creating all-Wikiverse policies
> and budgets.

Thank you for asking. I'm happy (this week ;-) that someone shows an
interest in these discussions. My hope is that there will be a global
project for volunteers motivated in researching and improving the
efficiency of governance practices, creating recommendations in cooperation
with the WMF. Similar to the working groups - if you wish -, with
significantly more volunteer participation and a focus on implementation
details, not high-level concepts.

My interest is more localized than what you expect as I'm not interested in
questions of high-level governance of the all-Wikiverse such as budgets,
representation, and global structures. The devil is in the details, that's
where my focus is: I believe *how* we implement the Medium-term plan
determine which targets are met. I've experienced the need to meet some of
those targets and understand others' need for the rest. I wish to put my 2
cents into the implementation.

In this spirit, I've advocated for transparency and cooperation between the
communities and the WMF in the office actions consultation which you can read
chronological order) and drafted a design proposal
for the planned User reporting system
that yet again focuses on transparency while giving privacy to the reporter
in the initial stages (before a report is evaluated) and making it
technically possible to include limited non-public evidence. I would be
delighted if you would share your thoughts on the discussion page.

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