I hope that Wikiverse projects don't accidentally or intentionally promote
unscientific theories, including those regarding race. I would like to
think that we know better.

However, there is a history in our world of people experiencing prejudice
or being persecuted for race. This is a sad element of history and an
ongoing problem in the world. Regrettably, it would be surprising if there
were not some problems with these issues in the Wikiverse.

There has been at least one arbitration case on English Wikipedia regarding
issues of race, and there have been issues raised on Meta and on this
mailing list regarding what sound like well-founded allegations of bias (in
more than one form) on a few smaller wikis. I think that one of these cases
resulted in at least one local administrator being demoted. I don't have
time now to look into the current and historical details of these cases,
but I know that they've happened.

I don't know what next steps to recommend, but I think that it's important
to acknowledge the issues. I think that the scientific mindset that many
Wikimedians have is helpful in limiting bias. In a regrettable circumstance
where one or more of our colleagues show signs of racial prejudice, that is
an issue that I hope would be addressed, whether through informal
conversations (a person may have said something that came across as having
a meaning that was different than what they intended), or more formally by
local communities or if necessary on Meta. I hope that these incidents are
rare, but they do happen.

( https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pine )
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